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Municipal Codes

Intro 1991

Intro 2011

Title 17 Refuse and Trash Disposal

Title 01 General Administration

Title 02 Boards and Commission

Title 03 Municipal Court

Title 04 Municipal Personnel

Title 05 Finance and Taxation

Title 06 Law Enforcement

Title 07 Fire Protection and Fireworks

Title 08 Alcoholic Beverages

Title 09 Business, Peddlars, and Solicitors

Title 10 Animal Control

Title 11 Municipal Offenses

Title 12 Building, Utility and Codes

Title 13 Property Maintenance

Title 14 Zoning and Land Use Control

Title 15 Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking

Title 16 Streets and Sidewalks

Title 18 Water and Sewer

Title 19 Electricity and Gas

Title 20 Miscellanous

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